Successful Sports Betting Advice

The online sports betting industry is clearly a place where there is enough room for new bettors to join and make a profit. The online bookies have now developed some really cool platforms where you have instant access to thousands of different bets each and every day. Out of these a sharp bettor can easily hand pick just a few of them that will turn out into a positive ROI and increase your bankroll.

When you are looking for sports betting advice on the internet, you will find a very large number of online handicappers that will give you a million of advice for each of the games that it’s out there. This way you will get a huge amount of information like which team is going to win, which team is going to lose and the reason why is because this quarterback doesn’t play well on artificial turf, because of many other things that shouldn’t be considered that important. You should throw all that out the window because it’s clearly that it doesn’t work.

The following successful sports betting advice was created actually by two mathematics professors from Stanford. What it does work is to take teams that nobody wants. They are called “Wallstreet orphans”, just like the investors call the stocks that nobody wants them and that are undervalued: orphans. The value that you will get from these types of bets is definitely a lot higher compared to any other bet out there.

The two professors from Stanford were comparing the sports betting with the stock market. This way they are not taking into consideration the million details like who is the CEO, or the coach of the team, or any other small thing that the bettors are taking into consideration. The stocks go up and down through the year. This means that there is a moment when the value of them is too high and you definitely don’t want to start buying then, since after that they will go down to being undervalued. The same principle applies to sports betting. The teams go through good and bad periods. There are some times when everybody is watching them and betting on them and there are some times when nobody wants them.

The principles at the stock market are very simple you need to buy low and sell high in order to pull out a profit. This is considered to be the key of success to Wall Street stocks and this is also the key to sports gambling. This is the main philosophy that you have to take into account: Find Value! Isolate a few times every year when a team is undervalued and buy them, play them, and when the team is overvalued you need to sell them, bet against them. This is definitely the key to being a successful sports bettor and turn your actions into profits.

Most people out there think that the favorites are the only way to go to win at sports betting. But the underdogs are the only way to go. You need to take the teams that nobody wants, everybody is saying that they cannot win and the payouts will go up a lot. The teams that nobody wants, the orphans underdogs are automatically undervalued. This is happening most of the time because there you have a favorite that was just on the cover of Sports Illustrated, everybody loves them and they can have all the women that they want. The other team there is criticized by the press in their home town, they say that they stink that they might have better luck next year and other bad things. Under this circumstances the players of that team are angry. There’s just too much they have to deal with.

This way when the underdog team will be on the field they will go after their opponents as if they have a target on their chest. The match is going to be grand and they will prove to be the revelation of this year. In the NFL this is exactly what you need.

Another important thing that a casual gambler must have in mind when placing sports bets is the money management skills. This is vital not only for gambling, but also for managing your life. Without understanding the amount of money that you have to bet on each game, you can pick up bets that turn out to be 80% true, but if you place large amounts of money that you cannot afford to lose on that 20% of the bets, you can be bankrupt and even end up in debt. The bankroll management will require you to bet only a small percentage of your bankroll that is situated around 5% and as your bankroll starts to increase gradually you can move on to place higher bets.

Make sure that you understand the key elements of sports betting and only when you manage to understand the core concepts of this industry you can go ahead and dig more into the small details that could make a small difference.