Free Bets

If you’re just getting involved in the world of sports betting you may not be familiar with the free sports bets, which are offered by many of the top bookmakers. Before going any further, however, allow me to clarify exactly what I mean by “free sports bets” because the term can refer to two completely different things. Many sports betting sites on the Internet offer free sports bets picks, however, it also refers to actual Free Bets i.e. bets made which were funded by the bookie. These free money promotions is what will be the focus of this article.

While not all online bookmakers offer free sports bets when you’re eligible to receive them usually there are some strings attached to the Free Bets offer. Free bet offers normally apply to new customers only and the bettor will be able to use the free bet to place a wager on most bookmaker markets (football, horse racing, golf, cricket, tennis, and most other sports that have betting markets).

Very often a bookmaker will offer Free Bets if you open an account with them and deposit some money. As a punter this does two things. Firstly, depending on the bookie, any bet you have, up to a limit, is doubled and therefore the odds to your personal outlay have effectively doubled. Secondly, if you select a bet that has a good chance of success, i.e. betting on Denver Broncos at home, then you can instantly create a betting bankroll if the wager from the free bet comes off.

Keep in mind that you should look closely at the bookmakers offer to ensure that you can bet on odds on chances as part of their introductory Free Bet offer if you want to use this strategy. Depending on the bookmaker you choose to bet with the betting terms can vary. Some will require you to bet on fixed odds games and you will be required to wager a certain amount of money (usually equal to the winnings derived from the free bet) before you will be able to cash out your winnings.

It is important to create accounts at a number of different sports betting sites so that when you bet you can get the best possible odds being offered. When I first started betting on sports I went ahead and opened accounts with all the major bookies and bet on this type of football bet to create a portfolio of betting banks with those bookies. My $50 approx initial outlay gave a bank of around $90 after the bet was won (on a 2/5 shot) because the bet was matched. The winnings created a nice bank and a profit of $40 effectively giving me odds of 4/5.

For all the televised NFL games, the best online bookmakers on the Internet compete to give you the best deal. This includes the spread, head to head odds and specials. So a portfolio of the top bookmakers will give you plenty of chances to pick out an edge to give you the best chance of success with your selections.

Even when your account is open the bookmaker will from time to time offer you an enticement and even a free bet to keep you betting with them. Generally the promotion is specific to a match/race or sporting event. You should check each individual bookmaker sign up page for more details regarding how much free money you can expect to receive when you make your first deposit as well as to see the associated terms and conditions of the promotion.

Whatever free sports bet offer you choose betting with free money on NFL TV games is one way of maximising your profit and minimising your losses. Just keep in mind that if you are consistently betting favorites, whether in football, basketball or other sports you are going to get smoked it’s simply a question of “when” not “if” that will happen!

The bookmaker knows that you’re salivating to bet on the favorite! So what the books do is inflate the line a little beyond what is ideal, which makes it a very unattractive bet to make since there isn’t any value. In the long run you'll be broke if you are constantly betting on favourites. While betting every dog won’t be a good strategy either, make sure that you do your homework to avoid betting into an inflated line! In summary when making a wager with your introductory Free Bet offer we suggest looking for value on the dog or the under in a nationally televised game.