2013 Beginner’s Guide to NFL Sports Betting

Placing online bets can prove to be an excellent hobby, a great way to spend your free time and in case you are doing everything right, it’s going to be a profitable profession. There are many people out there that just love the thrill that comes along during the moments when there is real money wagered on something and the spot events are just perfect for that.

The NFL (National Football League) is by far one of the most popular thing on which you can place bets. In case you are a beginner in sports betting, you can definitely start out by placing some low risk bets on the NFL games and after that you will most likely going to wait eagerly for the match to begin.

Placing a bet over the internet is definitely not going to be a difficult thing. What it’s going to consume a little bit of your time is the research that you have to do prior placing the bet.

In this article we are planning to offer you a short guide that is able to give you an idea of what you have to do to turn yourself into a professional bettor, even if you are right now just a beginner.

Step 1 – Know the rules, know the bets and know the teams! Knowledge is king.

Being a beginner bettor at the NFL is not going to be an easy thing. First of all you are going to deal with other bettors that are doing this for a long period of time and that already have all the knowledge that you still don’t have. Starting out might seem a little bit difficult, but if you do things right, you can find your way in this highly competitive online betting industry.

You can start by reading and researching. Get familiar with all the rules of a NFL match and know exactly how the game is being played. After that you must do a little bit of research related to all the bets that you can place. It’s vital that you know exactly how the NFL betting system works, so that you will know on what you are placing your hard earned cash. After you get familiar with all that you can move on and start reading and getting to know the teams and the players. Read about their past, watch statistics and read what the experts have to say about how these teams will evolve into the new season.

Step 2 – Read the news and do some research

At this moment there are many sources of information available on the internet, on TV and in the written media. Before you place a bet, it’s always best that you read out as much information as possible in order to get more familiar with what the experts have to say about the match. By making an informed bet, your chances of winning are going to be higher.

Step 3 – Find the best bets

NFL sports betting is all about finding the right opportunities. The real profits will come only during the moments when you get to find an opportunity to bet on the underdog and use the right information to know that the underdog is going to win. For example the returns that you will have when betting on the favorite team are very small compared to what the payouts are for betting on the underdog. Under these circumstances it’s going to prove to be a lot more profitable in the long run to bet on the underdog. Finding the right matches to place bets might seem to be a time consuming thing, but in the end it will prove to be profitable.

Step 4 – Bankroll Management

No matter if you are planning to place a bet on the NFL or any other sport out there, you need to manage your bankroll right in order to stay away from the embarrassing moments when you go bankrupt.

There are many bankroll management strategies available out there, however all of them are basically saying the same thing: only place bets that you can afford to lose. Every time you are placing a bet on the internet you must know that you are taking some risks.

During the time when you are betting there will be some variance and even if your overall ROI is positive, you will go through some tough periods when you are losing a certain number of bets and your bankroll must be prepared to deal with that without going bankrupt.

The best way to stay safe is to bet small amounts of your bankroll that are 5% of your bankroll and this means that you can move up and start placing larger bets only when your bankroll has started to grow.

Step 5 – Build your own NFL betting system that works

The final step of this beginners guide to NFL betting is to start building your very own betting system that works. This can be achieved only as you get more experience and as you start seeing some profits. Once you get the hang of everything your mission is just to stick to whatever works.

Now that you have a better idea about what exactly you have to do in order to become a successful online bettor, you will need just a little bit of good luck to start seeing your online sportsbook bankroll grow.