Everything you need to know about Basketball Betting

Along with football, baseball, hockey and soccer, basketball is one of the most popular sports in United States. When a sport manages to gain a lot of popularity the betting that is done for that sport is also going up and in United States, there are millions of fans. The vast majority of the bets that are done on the basketball are on the NBA and NCAA college basketball. The main basketball events are also extremely popular and they are able to draw the attention of millions of fans and this way the March Madness for example is able to draw bets that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Basketball Betting Beginner’s Guide

Starting your way in the world of basketball betting is very simple and there aren’t many things that you need to take into consideration, especially if you are already familiar with placing bets on similar sports. The types of bets that are available for basketball are easy to understand and most of the time it will take you just a couple of minutes before you are familiar with everything.

The basketball betting will start by finding an online bookmaker that has an excellent coverage over basketball. After that you have to make a deposit, receive a bonus, get more familiar with the platform and start placing bets.

Basketball Betting Tips

Before you start placing bets on basketball it’s a must that you get more familiar with the teams. This means that you have to read the news watch the games, look at the history and statistics of each team and place a bet only when you have managed to understand completely everything. Collect all the information you can and after that place an informed bet.

Another important thing is to take into consideration what is the motivation behind a game. A team that is already qualified for something is definitely not going to give out its best in a game compared to a team whose only chances of qualifying is that game. The team motivational factors are very important and they can make a big difference in a basketball game.

Don’t bet on your favorite team. We all love one basketball team and it is going to be tough to bet against our favorite team. This is the reason why we suggest that you avoid placing bets on your favorite team. You can do it, but only if you have some solid and accurate data and information that will offer you a solid result and possibly a small profit.

Take into consideration the lineups for the game. You always need to make sure that the key players are part of the starting lineup and in case you see any star missing you need to rethink your strategy. The injury reports are also very valuable at basketball betting since they provide you with the exact information that you need.

Types of Basketball Bets

The basketball bets are easy to understand and once you get all the information you need about the bets you can start placing.

The basketball betting action can be very fun and at the same time also very profitable if everything is done right.

Point Spread - This type of bets is by far one of the most popular. You have to bet on which team will win and also take into consideration the number of points assigned by the bookmaker that they have to cover in order to win.

Money Line – The money line is also a very simple bet. You don’t have to deal with a spread here, so everything is easy to understand. The only number that you have to check out is the odds and the payouts of the bets.

Futures – The future bets are where you have to place a bet on an event that will happen in the future. The futures are quite interesting bets since most of the time they are all about choosing the team that will win a championship or a major basketball event like the All Star Game, March Madness or the NBA Championship. The chances of winning a future bet are most of the time lower and therefore your payouts are also going to be higher.

Totals – The totals are quite a popular way you can place a bet on basketball. The concept behind this bet is quite simple: the online sports betting sites will come up with a certain number that represents the total number of points to be scored in a basketball match. Your mission is to predict whether the total number of points is going to be above or below that number. There are quite a few factors that you should take into account when placing an Under / Over bet, however this bet can prove to be quite popular thanks to the fact that it’s easy to understand and the chances of winning are a lot higher compared to the other bet types out there.