April 24, 2017

Welcome to NFLBettingLines.org, one of the top resources for everything NFL wagering. Our website provides a list of the best NFL betting lines for the 2015 NFL season featuring odds from the top sportsbooks around the world. Over the past several decades, the NFL has become America’s most wagered professional sports league with billions of dollars being wagered every year on the sport. The NFL is the most wagered major US sport by a large margin, which is especially impressive considering each team only plays 16 games, followed by the playoffs. There are five times as many NHL and NBA regular season games alone and ten times the number of MLB games. Betting on football has become the national obsession.

While the NFL is extremely anti-gambling in all forms. They are kidding themselves if they think that sports betting doesn’t contribute to a large portion of their ratings and overall popularity. To many, the NFL is synonymous with gambling. The advent of online sports betting has generated more interest in the NFL, making it possible to bet on games anywhere in the world. Today, instead of backroom bookies, bettors can wager on hundreds of betting markets and have loads of options to choose from in the offshore betting industry. NFL betting lines are readily available at every sports news site, such as ESPN and leading media outlets like USA Today.

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NFLBettingLines.org Recommended Sportsbook for April 2017

Choosing a top rated sports betting site to bet the NFL is not difficult, but it certainly isn’t as simple as searching Google and depositing at the first sportsbook you encounter. There’s a lot more that bettors need to take into account before depositing. We will also focus on understanding the movement of NFL lines and offer bettors a primer on the world of NFL betting so they can have a small leg up on the oddsmakers.

Evolution of Markets

NFL betting markets have come a long way since the early days of Las Vegas sportsbooks in the 1970s. Back then, land based sportsbooks only offered sides and totals, parlays, teasers and some limited future bets to customers. Online betting helped change that number drastically and the number of markets for bettors increase every year.

Online sportsbooks today offer much more than they did in years past with loads of futures and prop betting options for NFL bettors. In fact, there are so many choices that bettors may be overwhelmed with the number of betting markets on a single NFL game. Live betting options are available for almost all prime time games, such as Sunday Night and Monday Night Football and for all playoff games. Future bets have now been expanded rapidly, along with many bet types such as money lines, pleasers, season win totals, if-reverse bets and the ability to buy points.

Also, not only can bettors wager via computer and telephone, major US online casinos and sportsbooks now offer a variety of mobile options, making it possible for bettors to wager anywhere in the world if they have an internet connection.

Choosing the Right Sportsbook

As we mentioned above, the number of markets offered to bettors can be staggering at times. However, that should not be the main factor for bettors when choosing a sportsbook for NFL online betting.

All US online sports bettors and poker/casino players have to be careful where they deposit their funds and should only go with trusted operators. If the sportsbook can’t pay or won’t pay bettors, there is little or no recourse that a bettor can take to receive his funds. Likewise, if the sportsbook rules against a bettor in a dispute, the bettor has essentially no choice but to accept this ruling.

Some sportsbooks go broke because of poor management or are simply set up to scam players from the start. This should not deter players from the better outfits out there, but one must aware of some of the scumbags that operate in this industry. They see potential gamblers as targets, rather than valued customers. It is an unfortunate reality of betting sports online as an American.

Trust is paramount in the offshore industry. Bettors should only look to deposit at sportsbooks that have a long history of processing withdrawals in a timely matter and a strong reputation among sports gamblers and in the industry.

The sites we promote on this page all fit this bill. We would not recommend a site to bettors that we would not deposit funds at, and we bet at many of the online sportsbooks we promote on this site.

It is hard to trust many sportsbook “watchdog” or review sites because many of them will say anything to get bettors to deposit. Online sports bettors from the United States should always be skeptical when it comes to choosing a sportsbook and look for information on multiple sites, sports betting forums and other outlets before depositing. Depositing with a shady bookmaker can ruin the experience for new bettors for good, do your research and do not let this happen to you.

Line Shopping

One of the most crucial aspects of beating the NFL point spread is line shopping. What many bettors fail to understand is the value of getting the best price possible on every game and how much that affects their overall bottom line.

The sportsbooks already have a significant edge on players with the vigorish or “juice” they charge on edge bet. This percentage can vary depending on the odds, but the standard vig on a straight wager on a side or total is -110. The break even percentage or the amount of your bets you need to win make back your money is 52.4 percent. To win money betting on the NFL, you will need to hit a percentage higher than this number.

Getting the best price is so valuable, that we recommend NFL bettors keep money in multiple sportsbooks to get the best line available. Taking a line at -3 or -2.5 is a massive difference. The time between when a line is released on a game up until kickoff is the period that oddsmakers adjust the line in relation to betting action.

Finding the optimal time to bet a game is a science that even the best sports bettors have not fully perfected, but is one that can pay off hugely. In fact, it can make the difference between a winning and losing season, especially in regards to newer bettors who are unlikely to hit a high percentage of wagers when they start out.

Take Advantages of Bonuses and Promotions

Another thing that can help bettor’s get a head start on the bookies is taking advantage of bonuses and promotions. Almost every US-facing sportsbook online will offer newly depositing customers a deposit bonus of some kind for Superbowl betting or NFL betting. These are normally given to bettors in the form of “free bets”, which are risk free wagers that bettors receive for depositing funds at a sportsbook.

These usually come with a rollover requirement, meaning that bettors will have to wager the amount several times over before any potential winnings can be withdrawn. There also may be restrictions on the amount that can be won from free bet wagers. With all that said, it is free money and much better than most European sportsbooks offer to players in government regulated markets.

Sportsbooks will also have many promotions throughout the year that can add some extra value to bettors. Reload bonuses are similar to deposit bonuses but instead offered at certain times to bettors who deposit or “reload” more funds into their account. These also come with a rollover, but are a marvellous way to add extra money to your NFL betting bankroll if you have already deposited. Also, sport specific promotions are common, as well. Online sportsbooks normally have several offers or bonuses for bettors at the start of football season to entice them to deposit, be sure to take advantage of these if possible.

About NFLBettingLines.org

Our mission at NFLBettingLines.org is to offer the most up to date information on sportsbooks for bettors who bet on the NFL. As we mentioned above, too many sites mislead or outright lie to players, all and attempts to gain extra profits for themselves. We’re NFL bettors ourselves and feel personally responsibility for the sportsbooks we promote and take our obligations as an industry authority seriously.

In addition to our honest reviews, we’ll take a deeper look at each of the top sportsbooks online and offer ratings based on a variety of factors, including available markets, deposit and withdrawal options and customer service. We will update this page with the latest sportsbook promotions and bonuses for players, as well.

NFL betting strategy and how the oddsmakers formulate their numbers will also be discussed in-depth. Understanding why a line moves, anticipating line movement and taking advantage of it are all key factors that bettors need to know.

Being a profitable NFL bettor isn’t easy, but it is not a get rich quick scheme either. Bankroll management along with excellent instincts and hard work are all parts of the NFL handicapper’s toolbox.

We aim to provide the best tools for NFL handicappers to beat the NFL point spread. Our content will be continuously updated with the best techniques and the latest up to date odds. We will be adding more features as we progress through the development process.